Main Distribution Board

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A Main Distribution Board is a component of an electrical distribution system that divides an electrical power feed into branch circuits while providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit in a common enclosure. In essence, panelboards are used to protect against electrical overloads and short circuits while distributing electricity throughout a building or facility. The main components of a panelboard typically include the enclosure, interior, circuit protection devices, labels, dead front and trim, and filler plates.

Inside the enclosure, overcurrent protection devices, busbars and other components are mounted on support rails. This interior assembly is commonly called a chassis. Circuit breakers are commonly used as circuit protection devices and are connected to the busbars by bus connector fingers. A busbar is a conductor used as a connection point for multiple circuits.

As a channel partner, we in SES are proud to inform that as Franchise Panel builder for ABB, we offer ArTuK Panels. The country of Orgin for the enclosure is Italy. ABB’s ArTuK Panels have the following key features

    ArTuK Main Distribution Boards Key Features:

  • European design and quality.
  • Well Approved in utilities like ADDC, AADC, DEWA, FEWA etc
  • As per IEC 61439-1 Fully Type Test Assemblies.
  • Type Tested upto 6000A.
  • Type tested for global and local standards by LOVAG and DEKRA.
  • Seismic and arc fault certifications.
  • The enclosure type tested along with Bus duct flange connection.
  • The Construction of panel: Form-2, Form -3 & Form -4.
  • Short circuit Breaking Capacity of the Panel: 85kA/1 sec, 50kA/3 sec.
  • The Enclosure Design: Fixed type & Withdrawable type.
  • The Panel Access: Front or Rear to suit the application.
  • Cable Entry: Top and bottom (as per the site condition).
  • International Protection Marking: IP 43 & IP 54.
  • Mounting: Floor mounting.
  • Fully compatible with ABB most advanced devices and communication solutions.
  • Additional guarantee of Robustness and safety.