Distribution Boards

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The Distribution panels are feeds electrical energy to the end user and these are fed from Sub Distribution Board. The ABB range of distribution boards are designed for safety, reliability and availability in the electrical building installation.

As a channel partner, we in SES are proud to inform that as Franchise Panel builder for ABB, we offer offer ABB’s Minicenter Panels for the DBs. ABB’s Minicenter DBs have the following key features

    Distribution Boards Key Features:

  • Complying As per IEC 61439-3.
  • Type Tested upto 125A.
  • Short circuit Breaking Capacity of the Panel: 36kA/1 sec.
  • Easy handling for the user.
  • Robust spring-loaded door catch with key lock.
  • Cable Entry: Top and bottom (as per the site condition).
  • International Protection Marking: IP 41.
  • Mounting: Wall mounting.
  • All types available as per utility regulations.
    • Split type DBs
    • Flush DBs
    • Surface DBs
    • Single Pan Assembly DB (Flush and Surface DBs)
    • Row Type DBs (Flush and Surface DBs)