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Sama Al Emirate Electrical Panels Manufacturing LLC (SES) is a multi-product, vertically integrated manufacturer specialized in entire range of Low Voltage Switchgear & Services. The Entity is motivated & promoted by entrepreneurs who have been in the market for more than 40 years now.

SES is jointly held by Dhafir Holdings and Switchgear Electromechanical LLC. The strengths of the two companies compliment each other and hence the collaboration of the two companies, which are pioneers and well recognized names in their respective fields.


Dhafir Holding was founded by Mr. Sultan Abdulla Mohammed Ghannoum Al Hameli. It was established in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in the year 1970, and has grown over the years through its many companies enjoying considerable success over the years. It employs around 2000 people who are professionals in their areas of expertise whose sustained efforts have brought in the honors for the holding.

Companies registered under Dhafir Holdings include

  • Dhafir Group for General Trading
  • Sama Al Emirate (Partners)
  • Dhafir Contracting and General Maintenance
  • Al Rawabit International Recruitment Agency LLC
  • Al Dafra Private Schools
  • Dhafir Travel & Services
  • Dhafir Engineering Services Company LLC
  • Maintenance Services Gulf
  • MEM International Project Management Consultancy LLC
  • Bin Ghanoum Companies Representation Est
  • Korean Health Industry development Institute- Abu Dhabi
  • Dhafir Printing House

The holding has diverse businesses starting from Electrical equipment trading business which are carried out though Dhafir Group for General Trading and Dhafir Engineering Services for the various market segment in the UAE and through. MSG and Dhafir Contracting and General services cater to the services sector to Oil and gas and other market of Abu Dhabi. Through MEM International PM Consultancy, Al Rawabit International Recruitment and Bin Ghanoum Companies representation, Dhafir Holding provided specialized services of Consultancy in operations, HR and other fields. The holding has other diverse interest in the country in Education, healthcare and even travel and tourism sector though it various companies.

Dhafir holding has represented Multinational companies and have designed, assembled and done execution of more than 100 projects in UAE through the last 20 years through the above companies.


Switchgear Electromechanical LLC (SGE) was established in 2008 as one of the leading Testing and Contracting companies; offering business values to their clients by combining domain expertise, operational excellence, innovation and cost-effective approach. It specializes in Installation, testing , commissioning, obtaining necessary approvals and permits of utilities, cable laying, carrying our Preventive and on call maintenance of LV, MV and HV networks.

It has offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and in Chennai. SGE has obtained approvals from many clients / utilities in UAE which include ADWEA, CMW, ADNOC, Takreer, ADGAS, FEWA ,Musanada, etc to name a few

With profound experience in line with Gulf requirement / standards for more than 8 years, SGE is confident to venture further on.

SGE is managed by well experienced technocrats, specialized in their field. SGE is committed to excellence, dedicated to the goals of its clients and success of their projects in UAE.

Further SGE is a part of a group of companies which cater to various services and product groups and are as under

  • Switchgear Electromechancial LLC
  • Power Logic Energy Generating Equipment Trading LLC
  • Max flow Integrated Solutions
  • Switchgear Instrumentation & Calibration Services
  • Switchgear Transportation Passenger By Bus

Dhafir Holding and SGE have complimenting skill sets.

  • Dhafir provides financial strength and experience and a reputed brand image with a legacy of more than 45 years in UAE
  • SGE provides the necessary domain experience and knowhow to execute projects successfully

Sama Al Emirate Electrical Panels Manufacturing LLC, its promoters and management, has the experience and know how of the clients, project, market needs, products to serve your project requirements.

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